Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Updated Look!

Blogger has finally become a little more user-friendly!...or maybe I've just become a little smarter now that I'm back in school?!  I spent the past hour choosing a new template and creating it to fit my style!  I hope you enjoy it.  I stayed home sick today because of a sore throat/cough, and I feel so well-rested.  The snow has been falling the past few days, which resulted in two days of canceled classes!  Woohoo!  Over the past few days, we've received about 10+ inches of snow! 

I'm about to get started on a new knitting project.  My friend, Ashley, re-taught me to knit a few months ago and we've begun a small ladies knitting group!  It's been so fun and I actually finally completed a pair of fingerless mittens.  Picture to follow.  My next project will be a head wrap! Looking forward to it!

Oh, and I must mention that we didn't get home last night until 12:30 due to the National Championship being on TV.  I married into an Auburn family and we won last night!!  It was quite an intense game and I'm so glad it's over!  I can't believe i've become a football fan.  It just happened to be the right year for Auburn, but everyone keeps saying it won't happen again.  Thanks, Cam Newton, for providing us with such a fun football season!

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