Sunday, March 27, 2011

I’m Still Alive…and Making Crackers!

Yes, the last time I wrote was in January!  School really did take over my free time and I had to submit myself to the books.  I have become quite a little nerd, as my husband now lovingly refers to me. I am proud to announce that I have a 90.25 average in Anatomy/Physiology right now and have high hopes to bring that above a 93 before the class ends so that it can be an A (7 point scale).

At work, I have also been incredibly busy helping our teams to respond to the crises in Tunisia/Egypt in response to the unrest in Libya, and then the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Needless to say, my free time for blogging has been almost non-existent.  With my husband traveling most of this month, I spent a lot of time existing in survivor mode.  A few times, the dishes remained in the sink for up to a week!  At times, my clean clothes would remain in baskets unfolded or put away for over a week.  I found myself in urgent care 2 weeks ago, after I experienced chest pains for a second time in 1 week.  Thankfully, the EKG was normal and stress was the obvious issue…but I didn’t feel there was a quick fix knowing nothing was going to change.  However, last weekend, my friend Jessica treated me to an hour-long massage and then I enjoyed pedicures with my good college buddies while down in Charlotte for Lizzy’s bridal shower.  Three girls from my Bible study took me out for lunch today to one of my favorite brunch spots, Melanie’s.  They pampered me with all kinds of goodies, including lotions, bath soaks, coffee, granola and candles!  So sweet!! 

Speaking of the shower for Lizzy last weekend, I volunteered to bring the cheese/cracker tray.  I decided it would be fun to attempt making homemade crackers.  I googled ‘rosemary olive oil crackers’ since that’s one of my all time favorite flavors.  This is the recipe that I ended up using.  Here are some photos from my first homemade cracker journey, which was way simpler than I had anticipated!  I definitely plan to make more soon!

Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers









Sesame Spelt Crackers

I also made sesame spelt crackers using this recipe/video.  I loved watching this video as a tutorial.  They weren’t as good, but were the healthier option.  Smitten Kitchen is one of the most amazing blogs out there for food.  She’s a genius!


Ouila!  Delicious crackers, which according to some of my sweet yet honest friends, were the hit of the party!  I was very proud.  I paired them with some cheese (herbed goat, white Dubliner’s and medium cheddar cheese) that I unfortunately, can’t really indulge in. 



I encourage you to try this one!  So easy and addicting!