Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Seasons in all their Glory: Part I

We were just given a beautiful present this weekend!  It was a big white blanket..which covered our entire mountain town. 

Snow has once again fallen upon us and since it's been 7 months since we've last seen it, we are welcoming it with wide open arms!  I have no doubt that we'll soon remember those feelings of hate from last winter, when the last thing in the world we wanted to see was a forecast like this: 

....when we spent our spare time digging each other's cars out of ditches,

...or nearly lost our faces in the bitter cold winds, or had to go to work in the midst of record blowing squalls, or just the fact that we were buried in 30+ feet of snow by the time March rolled around.  Since our laundry room can only be accessed from the outside, I had to create this pathway last winter to reach it.  Of course, if the wind blew at all, it would have to be re-created. 

Anyway, all that to say that I still adore the snow.  It represents the 4th season of the year at it's very best.  That's one of the many reasons I love living in this mountain town:  we get to fully enjoy each season for what it's worth!  As I sit here indoors enjoying our warm refuge from the winter wonderland, I wanted to share with you a few recaps from a fun and festive fall!

I traveled to Tennessee to meet my first baby niece, Eden, shortly after she was born.

...and she now looks like this!

I also got to play with my nephew, Eliot.  He is growing so fast and is talking, running, laughing and playing hard!

I went on a fun hike with friends to the top of Snake Mtn to enjoy the brilliant colors!  Apparently, I wore my fall camo without even realizing it!

Farmer John and I discovered that our apple tree was actually producing tasty apples...

So we made apple cider...

And I made apple pie...

We made Butternut Squash Soup and a Peanut Thai Spaghetti Squash...

I made applesauce...

I decorated for fall...

I harvested the last of my herbs...

...and this is the end of part I of "The Seasons in all their Glory"!  Sorry for the abrupt ending!  It's 11:13 pm.  More fall recap to be continued in part II...


  1. great pictures!! love to read it. mom

  2. Oh gosh - I love the jar that you're putting your thyme in! Do you know where it came from?

    1. Ashely! haha, this is only 7 years delayed. I just got caught up reading my old blog somehow! haha. the jars were from ikea if i remember correctly :)