Monday, August 2, 2010

It’s August Already??

Some busy times around here folks!  I have been snapping pictures left and right and finally have just gotten a moment to upload all 200 something pictures!  Don’t worry, I won’t post them all, just a few of the highlights from the last month and a half since I last blogged.  But first, a recap of my time in Alaska, where I spent my time doing these things:

gazing at the beautiful mountains which could be viewed from my cabin window, June 2010 089

June 2010 098

cooking delicious food for the volunteers,

June 2010 209

playing lots of nighttime volleyball, sometimes until 10 pm, which is around the time that this photo was likely taken,

June 2010 188

hanging with my husband (for 24 hours when he showed up for his “man-cation”) and my brother-in-law, who together carried this kayak for 3 miles until we reached the mountain lake (those are some seriously strong men!),

June 2010 246

drinking directly from fresh river water for the first time,

June 2010 257

watching my husband do one of his favorite things in life  (I caught one),

June 2010 271

watching he and his brother bond (pictured here on the foggy Lake Kontrashibuna),

June 2010 274

enjoying my own bonding time with one of my newest favorite traveling partners,

June 2010 275

and enjoying endless mountain scenery from the many plane rides.  Breathtaking. 

June 2010 326 

Wow, this blog post was supposed to be about the garden, things I’ve been up to, food, life…but it clearly just became an Alaska blog, which I’m fine with.  Although it was a little over a month ago, it already makes me long to get back there again soon.  My brother-in-law, Uncle Jay Bob, who lives up there year-round, has been tasked with finding our family a “time share” as he calls it.  We just want him to build us a nice little cabin so we can go visit him and the glorious mountains whenever we want.  He needs the cash so he can afford to make it happen.  We’re going to turn to the in-laws on this one.  We don’t even own our own home yet, much less a vacation “time share”!  Here’s hoping that it happens sooner than later!