Thursday, June 10, 2010

“Mary Mary…how does your garden grow?”

Since John has been requesting photos of his precious plants for days now and because we reached the half-way mark of his time away, I am going to celebrate by granting him his wish.  The crickets are chirping outside, the yard finally got mowed,
June 2010 002
a lovely dinner of green curry and local veggies was enjoyed at the newly named Hob Nob Farm Cafe with my friend, Kari (we are planning needed items for our work-volunteer trip to Port Alsworth, Alaska which happens in a little over a week!),
(Port Alsworth, Alaska)
port alsworth
...and a stop was made for decaf coffee at Espresso News and then groceries after that…and now I’m home and settled in for the night.  What was it that I was going to do?  Oh right, post photos for John.  But first, check out my awesome mowing job and our breathtaking view.
June 2010 001
June 2010 003
It took an hour and to mow most of the yard (the rest not pictured), which isn’t including weed eating or raking of grass.  I must say, the side hill pictured in the photo above is a little sketchy to ride sideways on, but i conquered it and was quite proud.  So was farmer Johnny.

So Johnny, here is your masterpiece, one section at a time!

Mixed greens in the forefront
June 2010 004
June 2010 006
broccoli, collards and kale
June 2010 007
June 2010 008 June 2010 009
Above: Kale and Collards, can you tell which one is which? 

An inside look at the peppers, eggplants and okra tunnel.  Pepper on the right.
 June 2010 010June 2010 011
June 2010 013 June 2010 014
Happy tomatoes growing rapidly.  Farmer John, please enlighten us about the red plastic and how that aids and abets the mater life. 
June 2010 012
Some seriously happy mater plants…
June 2010 015
the monster zucchini
June 2010 017
Zucchini, squash and some cucumbers
June 2010 020
Below:  this row doesn’t look as pretty, but that’s only because you see more mud.  It’s full of watermelons and cantaloupes, as well as sunflowers!
June 2010 021
June 2010 022
watermelon with holy leaves (holes in leaves?)
June 2010 023
happy worm
June 2010 024
June 2010 028
above: chamomile in the front, marigolds in the back
below: cilantro
June 2010 030
One of my most exciting growths…rosemary!  Finally after about 1.5 months of direct sowing them, they are popping out!  obviously just for the fun of watching them grow, or I’d just go out and buy some dang rosemary. 
June 2010 027
One of my personal favorites, thyme. 
June 2010 025
seedlings still beginning their lives in the greenhouse. 
June 2010 036
That’s all for tonight, I’m pooped!  I’m sure you are too.