Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crooked Fences and Surprise Flowers

Here’s the fence that I mentioned in my last post, which farmer John and his father built from ice damaged limbs and barbed wire.  My father-in-law decided that we should name our future farm Crooked Fence Farms.  Another name we thought of a wihle back was Dailey Acres.  Which one do you like more?
Maria 194
Notice below how he’s planted some cucumbers along the fence so it has something to climb.  He’s also planted beans that will climb the fence as well and of course, sunflowers. Maria 199
Today I stayed home from work due to a persistent sore throat, which I’m certain came from flying last week.  I felt I needed a day of rest and I’m definitely feeling better.  Years ago, I stumbled upon a website called Earth Clinic.  It’s a site full of folk remedies for hippies like myself who don’t like taking medicine.  I’m not really a hippie, but some city folk would say that I am.  According to their site, 354 people have found that gargling with cayenne pepper cures their sore throats.  I just finished my second gargle and have already found it to be productive without going into more detail. 
Farmer John came home for lunch and we took a stroll out by the row of greens.  He suggested that I weed around the small plants if I felt up to it today.  I know the sunshine has some healing properties, so I brought my stadium cushion and got after it.  I’m pretty excited about my progress!  Check it out….
Mixed greens, used to be surrounded by weeds -
Maria 196 
Kale.  Didn’t take off like we had hoped, so we’ll have to plant some more.
Maria 198
From bottom to top:  brussel sprouts, broccoli, onions, mixed greens, kale, arugula, collards, and carrots.
Maria 195
Like I told you before, we have stumbled upon a new flowers each day in our massive perennial garden.  Here are a few of the flowers that are popping up.  Some I haven’t identifed yet so let me know if you know what they are!
Purple Iris
Maria 166
Shasta Daisy
Maria 171
Not sure on the next two…
Maria 175 
Maria 170
And we also have TONS of wild strawberries.  Still a little unsure if they’ll taste ok, but some are almost ready to pick!
Maria 176
Maria 178
Maria 181
We also have concord grapevines!  This also came with our house and we recently learned that vines were birthed at Cone Manor many many years ago and planted at our house by our patriarchal neighbor/farmer down the road.  He and his wife both grew up on the estate because their parents worked for Mr. Cone.  They also have grapes from the same vine.  Their marriage is still going strong after 53 years!  We plan to learn a lot from them during our stay on Paradise Lane. 
Maria 183
Grape clusters are popping out everywhere!
Maria 190