Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

So it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote and I’ve only had a blog for about a month, but guess what…it’s my blog.  I reserve the right to write when I’m able, right?  I mean, that’s the point, right?  This is a means for me to express myself.  I’m absolutely not looking for another task to add to my list at the moment, so I’m holding myself accountable to allow this blog to be a guilt-free-write-when-i-can kind of place.  Welcome to this guilt-free zone!  And because I’m not obligated to anything, I plan to post a lot of pictures today but may not write much!  

Since I last wrote, my husband came home from the Middle East bearing wonderful gifts (tea, Dead Sea salt, baklava, and a necklace that I cannot pronounce but it’s some special type of beautiful blue beads) as well as a lot more facial hair.  He sports the facial Brillo pad.

Maria 100

While he was still gone, I hosted my good friend and her little ones.  She’s a super mom as you can see. 

Maria 083I also worked in the yard a lot.   I love before and afters, but I keep forgetting to take befores.  I get so excited about really getting after it in the yard, that I completely forget.  I’ll work on it though.  For those curious about what happened to my little seedlings, they came up quite nicely, although i planted one too many seeds in each pod.  We had to thin them out a bit, but otherwise, my work was not in vain. 


Maria 076 


Maria 080


My farmer husband didn’t waste a single moment after he landed in the US of A before he had his overalls on and was out in the yard, working to prepare our garden beds.  It pumps deep through his blood.  It’s becoming more and more apparent with each day that he was born for this.  Kind of like Adam in the garden of Eden.  Guess that makes me Eve.  I like the names Eden or Eve for girl’s names.  I know someone very close to me who plans to name their potential baby girl Eden.  A.D.D.

The next few photos show John’s progress in the yard…

Maria 107 Maria 114

 Maria 130 Maria 117







                                                                                      Greenhouse shelving

Maria 131

Maria 132








On the left is his homemade trellis made from ice storm damaged limbs and twine.  He only had to buy the line the stretches between the two.  This is where the many tomatoes will grow.  On the right is his homemade hoop house.  This also came from limbs in our yard, as well as twine and cv pipes.  He’s so innovative and creative. 

Maria 133 The back of our house view from the garden.  Brilliant color and beauty in the sunshine!

We’ve also been experimenting with making soil blocks.  They aren’t cheap in the beginning, but over the years, we will save a lot of money by not using pots. 

Maria 123

          Maria 136

I also put my friend Jessica to work while she was visiting.  We’re stripping an old coffee table to refinish it.  Thanks, Jess!  It’s still unfinished by the way and sits in our living room as is.  One day we’ll get to it. 

Maria 120

We also had our much anticipated first cookout in our fabulous outdoor fire pit area that came with the house.  Our friends Ashley and Matt came over for the festivities and brought delicious food with them as only can be expected from Martha Stewart…I mean, Ashley

Maria 138







Maria 144 Maria 147  

Maria 149           Maria 152

And lastly, John has been wildly busy planting every last seed into the soil blocks and figuring out how to make them grow!  It’s been quite the task!   I’m confident that we’ll have an amazing garden this year. 

Maria 158


Maria 160