Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Days Are Slowly Fading…

I’m sitting on a plane headed home from a work trip in England with 4.5 hours remaining.  As much as I’d like to watch another sad love story I have loads of catching up to do!  I know my mantra has been no pressure to write, but I’ve snapped a lot of fun pictures that I really want to share, so bear with me as I look over these past few months of summer.  It’s becoming more and more clear to me that blogging is not my first priority or even my second.  Blogging actually lives in a sea of “things Mary is interested in”, which must take a number and wait.  I imagine that winter will change my heart.  If I could get in a rhythm like my friend Ashley, I would blog 3 times a week, and they would be short, sweet and focused.  She’s one of the most focused people I know.  I’m one of the least focused people I know.  ADD?  Maybe. 

Turbulence.  Lots of it. 

You’re not going to believe this, but my battery is running low.  I’m going to have to save this posting for later.  Dang it!  Back to another sappy tear-jerking movie where I have to fight the tears so my seat mate doesn’t think i’m crazy. 

Now two days later, I’m sitting on my couch, drinking my coffee and 100% committed to completing this post.  Let the summer photos begin:

We watched the grapevines slowly mature throughout the summer,

July 2010 009

July 2010 010 July 2010 096

July 2010 091

(purple grape photos coming soon…)

we watched the orchestra of flowers slowly burst into song,

July 2010 025 July 2010 036

July 2010 035July 2010 060

July 2010 029 July 2010 032

we watched the butterfly bushes become, amazingly,  a butterfly magnet (I couldn’t help but have a photo hay day with them, such willing subjects!),

July 2010 068 

 July 2010 074July 2010 069

July 2010 082

July 2010 085

we watched the garden continue to grow and grow and grow…



the sunflowers became GIANTS

IMG_8187 IMG_8180

July 2010 129

July 2010 112


the fruits of our harvest began rolling in beautifully and in abundance!

July 2010 119


July 2010 185

July 2010 190

 July 2010 089

July 2010 167 

July 2010 123

July 2010 126





July 2010 170

We enjoyed a visit from my favorite Canadian, Karen, who stopped in the mountains for a visit on her way back to Sudan.  I felt she deserved a proper southern meal – Fried Green Tomatoes with fresh basil over a bed of Jalapeno Pepper Jack Grits.  So delicious.  She agreed, although I can’t imagine her saying otherwise. 

July 2010 047

We also had a few visits from our friend Kari, who is an exceptional chef.  She comes over to our house and cooks for us!

The first meal was of Greek origin.  Steak over a lettuce wrap with hummus, tabouli, cilantro and some special sauce.  She even brought me gluten-free crackers to eat it with.  I’ll have to look to her for the recipe. 

July 2010 151


John showed off his homemade pickles to Kari

July 2010 156 July 2010 153

as well as his canned beans.

July 2010 166 

She also made us incredible fish tacos on another occasion.  Come over anytime you like, Kari.  She rocks. 




We spent the whole summer coming up with ways to indulge in our fresh produce.  We also ended up selling quite a bit of our veggies to people at work, our first market of buyers. 

Ratatouille: July 2010 048

Eggs, tomato and basil: 

July 2010 197July 2010 200

Marinated tempeh and kale: (a modified version of My New Roots recipe.  By the way, Ashley discovered this blog and we are pretty stinkin’ excited about it.)

July 2010 173

July 2010 177

July 2010 181

July 2010 184

And totally unrelated to our yard or garden efforts, we went into the local Mexican Market for some “real” cokes (sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup), one of our few times a year indulgences, and found some plantains.  We decided to fry them up for a yummy snack

July 2010 137

July 2010 138

July 2010 141

Throughout all this time, Farmer John worked hard on our vehicles, as well as his father’s, all of which needed maintenance or repairs. 

July 2010 144

I spent one Saturday shopping with friends and found an old dresser that I wanted to restore.  It’s still unfinished, but here’s what I’ve done so far. 

July 2010 192

July 2010 195

July 2010 216

Stripped and ready for priming and painting!

Well, that only took an hour.  I’m sure you are ready for a nap by now.  Thanks for enjoying the latest summer update from the Daileys.